Monday, March 9, 2009


Happy to report that I finally figured out where the ASJ jacket starts when it's cast on! (Once you "see it", it's hard to imagine why you couldn't see it earlier.) Finally finding a project photo on Ravelry that showed the earliest rows after the cast on, and a clear photo of both the back and a front view of the sleeves, worked wonders. It really helps having some idea of where the striping occurs to avoid a less than flattering bold stripe appearing where it's not especially wanted ::smile::

The process of selecting colors for the stripes, how they relate to each other, and relative widths of each color change is proving to be an amazing workshop in color theory. With so many small size stripes, no one decision seems critical -- if it doesn't look perfectly fabulous after one row, just complete the garter ridge and change color on the next! And it's allowing a freedom in color choice that I tend not to experience often. I'm one of those "plan everything in advance" kind of people, and will agonize over almost imperceptible differences in hue or saturation in selecting color. But in this project I'm trusting that the overall combination will be....well, if not perfect, then at least very interesting! Note to self: Changes in value are so much more important than changes in hue, in avoiding bold-stripe-surprises!

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