Thursday, March 12, 2009

Daydreaming in color

I have to laugh at myself for how I'm obsessing about the stripe placement on this jacket! I've been back to the long list of Ravelry projects to see what other people have done. I think I'm on the right track, and the way the pattern starts at the back (and sleeves) is letting me try out a few combinations before they appear front and center on this jacket. But first, let me say, God bless Ravelry and its many users.... many have written very helpful comments about their projects that have really started the creative juices flowing.

I'm still happy about my color choices for this project (I'd better be, because I have a long way to go yet ::grin::), but one or two other ASJs are already taking shape in my mind. I'm fascinated at the way Rav's jrhutch has combined a bright Noro Kureyon colorway with solid black. The colors really dance against the dark neutral without being overly bright. I'd like to try single garter ridge stripes of the Kureyon and black to tone down the bright colors even a little more. (I think using a nice squooshy merino with the Noro would be nice, too!) Or....I have 2 colorways of Kureyon that are neutral beiges and browns (#55 and #146 -- probably long discontinued by now) that could be paired with a deep black-brown. Hmmmm.....

Then there's Ravelry's Braizyn, who's softened the effect of color changes by double stranding the yarn -- the link on Ravelry to the "Spectrum Scarf" isn't working, but I'm guessing the colors are offset slightly to achieve the more subtle color progression. Definitely something to consider for those Noro colorways I have that look terrific in the skein but could be a little (maybe a lot ::grin::) clown-like when stitched up in a larger size garment!

Back to the stripes in my ASJ....

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